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Celestia airdrop

Celestia has airdropped a total of 60 million TIA to various ecosystem users and developers

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Celestia airdrop Details

Users of the top 10 Ethereum rollups including Arbitrum and Optimism, Cosmos Hub and Osmosis stakers, and numerous public GitHub contributors were entitled to collect free TIA tokens.

Quest Status

The current status of this quest is:

  • Completed Quests and Airdrops

  • Airdrop/Reward Type

    There are several different types of rewards that can be earned through crypto quests and airdrops. The most popular airdrop rewards are NFT airdrops, Community perk airdrops, and token airdrops. The type of airdrop reward for Celestia airdrop is:

  • Token Airdrops

  • Quest Difficulty Level

    Currently we organize quests into 2 difficulty levels – easy airdrops, and hard airdrops. The difficulty level for Celestia airdrop has been marked as:

  • Easy Airdrops

  • Airdrop Payout Size

    Airdrops can come in many sizes. Some airdrops are worth 1000’s of USD while others may only be a few dollars. Currently we categorize quests into either small airdrop rewards, medium airdrop rewards, or large airdrop rewards. The airdrop reward for Celestia airdrop has been categorized as:

  • Small Airdrop Rewards

  • Blockchain Ecosystems

    Blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) that Celestia airdrop is associated with include:

    Quest Hosting Site

    self hosted –

    Snapshot Date

    October 17, 2023

    Reward Amount

    TIA tokens

    Claimable Period End Date

    October 17, 2023

    Celestia Quest Keywords and Related Terms

    Celestia airdrop is related to the following web3 keywords:
    Token give away, Celestia token.

    Quest Tasks

    you need to obtain some TIA from binance

    Install Keplr wallet.

    Deposit your TIA tokens after obtaining your TIA address from Keplr.

    These tasks are merely suggestions. Doing them does not guarantee an airdrop or any specific rewards. There may be more or less requirements for this airdrop. take this info as opinion and look more into the airdrop by visiting the projects website directly or the quest platform where the quest is being held.

    Celestia Project Overview

    Celestia is a data availability network that allows developers to easily create a new blockchain. Create a modular blockchain ecosystem using Celestia.

    Modular blockchains are a new paradigm in blockchain design. Instead of one blockchain doing everything, modular blockchains specialize and optimize to perform a given function. This specialization provides breakthroughs in scalability, flexibility, and interoperability, enabling developers to build blockchain applications for mass adoption.

    What is data availability and why does it matter?
    Data availability answers the question, has the data for this blockchain been published? It is critical to the security of any blockchain because it ensures that anyone can inspect the ledger of transactions and verify it.

    Users of a monolithic blockchain usually download all the data to check that it is available.

    As blocks get bigger, it becomes impractical for normal users to download all the data meaning that they can’t verify the chain. Modular chains solve this problem by making it possible for users to verify very large blocks using a technology called data availability sampling.

    What are rollups and how do they work with Celestia?
    Rollups are a relatively new type of blockchain. What makes them different is that they offload some of their work to a layer 1 like Celestia. The simple version is that rollups publish their transaction data to Celestia, which gets ordered and made available for rollup users to download. As a bonus, rollups receive some of Celestia’s security.

    But rollups on Celestia aren’t quite the same as others. They are convenient to launch like layer 2s with the added sovereignty that layer 1s enjoy. We like to call these blockchains sovereign rollups.

    Modularism, not Maximalism
    For years, crypto has endured a monolithic blockchain loop. Each new L1 has built a walled-off system, where competition is fierce and zero-sum. This leads to maximalism as they all fight over users in their ecosystems.

    Modular blockchains create a collaborative environment with many connected chains. Each new user that a modular blockchain brings in creates value for the whole modular ecosystem, not just a single L1. Modular blockchains collaborate while monolithic L1s compete.

    Modularism, not maximalism.

    Celestia Project Categories

    Categories that this web3 project has been tagged with in the Watch Crypto web3 directory are:

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